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Chesapeake Public Schools (CPS) is
the heartbeat of our wonderful community. CPS provides jobs for many of our
residents and education for our future. I genuinely care about the direction of
Chesapeake Public Schools. My own children attend these schools, and I want the
absolute best for them. To say I have a vested interest in the success of our
city’s largest employer, would be an understatement. My wife is a school bus
driver, my mom is a first grade teacher, and I have many friends who are
employed through CPS. Our school system is what attracts people to move to this
area, and it also encourages families to stay.  Failure to invest in Chesapeake's most
valuable asset is a blatant display of negligence to our citizens, our
teachers, our children, and our city. With 30 of our schools at 90% capacity,
16 of which are above 100% capacity, class sizes are spiraling out of control.
We need to not only protect our children from becoming just another number, but
we need to protect our teachers from large class sizes.  We need to treat
the people who educate and serve our children every day like the treasures they
are.  Without them, Chesapeake Public Schools would not have the
reputation of superior education, and without CPS, Chesapeake would not have
become the city it is today. With that said, there has been a breakdown in the
system, and we need to provide for our teachers, our school buildings, our
students' transportation, and school facilities, in order to accommodate all
students and staff throughout our city. It is time to stand up and ask the
current leaders of Chesapeake why they have allowed our city’s most valuable
resource to deteriorate like it has.  I
want to focus on ways to fully fund CPS's budget. This budget priority will
allow Chesapeake Public School's administration to ensure the maintenance of
facilities, the safety of students and staff, as well as, teacher retention.

Authorized by Levin Turner for Council
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